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Trying to find the perfect home? As you search through the options available on the market, you may come to a game-changing realization: Your perfect house doesn’t exist – yet. However, you can make your dream home a reality.


That said, you can’t do it alone. When it comes to building a home, you need experienced professionals by your side to guide you through the process. Here’s a look at the five pros you need, courtesy of Red Horse Home Inspection


  1. Realtor


The first step is to purchase the land your dream home will sit on. For this, you will need a realtor. Picking the perfect realtor, though, can be difficult. It’s important to ask questions, such as, “How many sales have you handled in my target neighborhoods?” “What’s your fee?” “Who else will be working with me?” and “Has a client ever filed a complaint against you?” Once you find someone who checks all the boxes, it’s time to move on to the next step.


  1. Builder


No matter what kind of home you want, you’ll need someone to build it. Creating a new home is hard work, and it requires serious industry knowledge and trustworthy experience. If the work is done incorrectly, fixing it can be an expensive problem. You need to know that your house is built properly so you can live a safe, happy, and affordable life inside of it.


The best way to find a reputable home builder is through recommendations, and by interviewing several different prospects. Checking out customer reviews gives you a good sense of what working with any given builder will be like. Interviewing a mix of home builders and getting multiple quotes will help you settle on the right person who can affordably make your dream home a reality. 


  1. Inspector


You need to get a good inspector like Red Horse Home Inspection to check your home at different building stages. Some builders have in-house inspectors, but it’s always a good call to have an independent inspector check out the work, as well. This way you have an increased sense of trust and confidence that the inspections are thorough and honest.


  1. Designer


Once your home is built, you’ll want to make the interior your own. Even if you have a pretty good sense of your own décor style, it’s a good call to hire a designer to help you bring it to life. There are many subtle aspects of interior design that can make or break your aesthetic. A pro will be able to identify all the best opportunities to make your space great.


To pick a great designer, take a look at several different portfolios and find a few that have examples you like. Meet them in person or do an informal interview over the phone. If you like their work and you get along well, it’s probably a good fit. Hiring an interior designer will typically cost between $2,000 and $5,000.


  1. Landscaper


Getting your interior in shape is only one aspect of making your dream home perfect. You also need to make sure the exterior looks the way you’d like it to. Regular care and maintenance might be manageable on your own, but consider hiring a landscaper to lay down the groundwork. A good landscaper will have a sense for where to put different kinds of plants and lawn décor.


There are several great things about having a professionally landscaped space. First and foremost, it will make your yard an escape from the hustle and bustle of regular life. Secondly, however, it can be very practical. Landscapers can advise which plants thrive in different environments, allowing you to make the most of your environment.


On the same token, consider hiring a tree removal service if you have any tree you no longer want or pose a risk to your property. Search “tree service near me” online to see what’s available, and then use review sites to get an idea of what customers think of these contractors. Keep in mind that it can cost between $50 and $1,500 to have a tree professionally removed.


The house-search grind loses its appeal when nothing’s quite right. If you can’t find what you want, why not build a new home? With these experts by your side, you’ll be able to bring your vision to life.


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