Home Buying, the Smart Way

Couple Celebrating Moving Into New Home in rapid city after a home inspectionYour down payment is in the bank and you’re pre-approved for a mortgage. You’re all ready to start looking at homes. Here are some tips for home buying the smart way:

Don’t go it alone

Some tech-savvy buyers like to use the Internet and mobile apps to search for homes. That’s great — the Internet is a great tool for finding homes you want to look at in person. But there is no substitute to also having someone by your side who can help you navigate the home buying process. Buying a home could be the biggest purchase you ever make, and consulting an expert can make all the difference. That’s why even though most home buyers today use the Internet at some point in the home buying process, nearly 90% of all home buyers work with a real estate agent. Your real estate agent can help guide you through the home search, help you make an offer, assist you with negotiating with the seller and other parts of the home-buying process.

Don’t be swayed by staging

You found a home that looks like it could be featured in a magazine. But don’t be swayed by expensive furniture and decor. Pay close attention to the basics — the condition of the roof, the heating and cooling system, and plumbing — anything that would be costly to upgrade or repair. Those are the things that really matter and could be hard on your finances if they aren’t in good condition.

Never skip a home inspection

Many home buyers who skip home inspections regret it later. Don’t be rushed into purchasing a home. Take your time so that you can truly find the home that’s right for you and your family and have it inspected by a knowledgeable, reputable and independent third party. (That’s us!)

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